FAQ On Counselling


Who would be eligible for obtain counseling via the Prime Minister’s Department Peer Counselor?

Answer :

All employees and officers in any agency or department under Prime Minister’s Department is eligible for counseling from PMD’s Peer Counselor.


Would my person record be tarnished if I went to see a Peer Counselor for counseling?

Answer :

No. Your personal record will not be tarnished. 

Counselling Services

How do I obtain counseling from a Peer Counselor?

Answer :

The counseling service by Peer Counselor could be obtained via email, telephone or face to face.

E-mail : you can send an email to a Peer Counselor if you are ashamed to meeting one directly. Thereafter, if necessary, you could make an appointment with a Peer Counselor .

Telephone : You can contact a Peer Counselor by phone. You can voice out any issues to the Peer Guidance if one is available to hear out your problems. Thereafter, if necessary, you could make an appointment with a Peer Counselor.

Face to face : This is the best way. You can see the Peer Counselor face to face (subsequent to an appointment) and this will ensure direct communication which will facilitate the process of resolving all the issues and challenges you are facing. 


Is my confidentiality protected from my session with the Peer Counselor?

Answer :

Your confidentiality will be protected at all times. The Peer Counselor has been properly trained and is bound by the Counseling Standards for Public Service. This would include confidentiality issues. Peer Counselor is not allowed to share the issues or make public or share client’s problems with a third party without consent from the client. 


Am I allowed to contact a Peer Counselor from another department?

Answer :

Yes. You are allowed to contact a Peer Counselor from other agency/department. 




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