FAQ On Finance


What are the documents required to enable the Finance Section to process the salary payment of new or recently transferred employee?

Answer :

The following documents are to be submitted to the Human Resource Unit (Operation) for the preparation of Form KEW 8. Payment voucher will be processed within 7 days from the date which the Finance Section received the said form. The documents required are -

- Copy of National Registration Identity Card.
- Copy of the front page of the Account Book displaying Name, NRIC and Account Number
- Copy of the EPF Certificate/Statement or document stating EPF Membership Number
(if already contributing).
- Officers Income Tax Number for scheduled deduction as per Tax Deduction Schedule
- Copy of Letter on Acceptance of Appointment

I’ve frequently undertaken assignments which are outside the office and this occur approximately 3 – 4 times in a month. This is proving to be a burden to me as most of my salary has been used to pay for accommodation expenses. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

Answer :

Treasury Circular No. 3, 2003, paragraph 26 stipulates: An officer, who is required to undertake official duty outside the office, whether locally or overseas, is eligible to apply for personal advances before embarking for the duty, subject to the conditions as indicated in the Treasury Circulars No. 2, 1990 and 1999 respectively and any other regulations issued thereafter. The amount of advance given will be reconciled and deducted from the officer’s traveling claims. The documents required are :-

- Personal Advance Form (Kew 325) .
- Copy of the Letter on the Instruction to Undertake Duties (Local).
- Copy of the Approval Letter for Overseas Trip (Overseas).

In the event that I am instructed to undertake overtime work, am I eligible to make a claim and, if I am eligible, what documents should I submit to make the claim?


An officer is eligible to make a claim if that officer falls within the support group of Grade 1 – 36, except for those in the police force, prison, fire brigade and army (General Notice 14 – Chapter G). The documents required are :-

- Overtime Claims Form
- Work Statement.
- Overtime Allowance Rate Calculation
- Signature of Supervising Officer/Approval from Head of Department for Claims exceeding 1/3 of Salary
- Instruction Letter for Overtime Work/Letter of Confirmation of Overtime Tasks. (if work more than 8 hours)
- Copy of Punch Card.
- Copy of Log Book (for Drivers)
- Copy of Work Schedule (for Security Personnel)


What is the document required for me to submit my claim for overseas travel. What document can I refer to in order to determine the regulations and the applicable rate.

Answer :

In respect of traveling claims, officers/employees can refer to General Notices Chapter B and the Treasury Circular No. 3, 2003 and No. 2, 2008. The required documents in accordance to the present regulations are as follows :-

- Copy of the Overseas Trip Approval Letter from Supervising Officer..
- Overseas Trip Claim Form
- Officers Information to be completed in the Claims Statement
- Original Copy of receipts/laundry/hotel and transportation to be attached and endorsed as Official Business
- Approval Letter to use personal transport for destination exceeding 240km
- Bills/receipts which are small in size are to affixed to a A4 sized paper.
- Proper endorsement has to be made whether an officer is to be given the status of “guest” (if part of the Yang di Pertuan Agong’s entourage)
- Confirmation whether Personal Advance has been taken
- Copy of the Personal Advance Approval Letter.


I was invited to be a speaker at an induction course. Am I eligible and which regulations should I refer to determine that I am eligible to make a claim.

Answer :

Speaker’s Allowances eligibility is governed under Treasury Circular No. 2, 2005 and No. 12, 2002. The documents required in submitting the application for the allowance are as follows :-

- Complete the information on the employees/speakers in the Speaker Claims Form
- State the academic qualification for outside speakers
- Attach a copy of the invitation to the lecture
- Certify all documents attached



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