Client Charters of Prime Minister's Department

1. To ensure that human resource matters are resolved in accordance with the type of transactions:

  1. To provide notice of offer to course participants within 5 working days before course commences;
  1. To issue the Letter of Decision and notification of promotion and appointment of personnel within 10 working days from the date of the Board meeting;
  1. To submit the Final Counseling Report to the Head of Department within 3 working days after review by the Section Chief for referral (excluding cases for Exit Policy Observation Period);
  1. To provide assessment of the organizational and posts review to Public Service Department / agency within PMD within 5 working days from the decision date by the senior management;
  1. To manage applications for allowances, leave and perquisites[1] within 10 working days upon receipt of duly completed documents; and
  1. To issue transfer order for officers within 10 working days from the date of reporting for duty.

             [1] JPA’s term used by Bahagian Saraan for kemudahan

2. To ensure that account matters are resolved accordingly:

  1. To complete 98% of the payment run within 2 working days from the verified date of payment order 2.

3. To ensure that the decision papers for the Procurement Board Meetings and Quotation Committee Meetings are issued within 1 working day from the date of meeting.

4. To ensure that budget, finance and accounting matters are attended to within 5 to 14 working days in accordance with the type of transactions:

  1. To ensure that the initial allocation for the year is delivered to the department / agency by or before January 14th after the allocation is locked into 1GFMAS system by JANM;
  1. To ensure that applications for Procurement Approval, Assignments Abroad, Out-Station and Capital Property through Ez-Apply System is processed within 5 working days upon receipt of the duly completed applications; and
  1. To ensure all bills are processed within 14 days from the date of duly completed submissions.

5. To ensure that development matters are resolved based on the following:

  1. Allocating Development Expenditure (DE) in accordance with the rules and procedures within 3 working days upon receipt of the "Pegawai Pengawal".

6. To ensure that internal audit matters are executed as follows:

  1. The audit observation on financial management is submitted to the department/agency under Prime Minister’s Department within 23 working days of audit completion;
  1. Review of the department/agency’s feedbacks to audit findings is issued within 13 working days upon receipt of the duly completed feedbacks; and
  1. Audit Performance Observation is submitted to the department / agency within 46 working days upon audit completion.

7. To manage the following administrative matters:

  1. To ensure that complaints lodged through the Integrated Complaint System are attended to within 3 working days;
  1. To ensure that the incoming letters received by the Record Management Section are circulated through the Digital Document Management System (DDMS) within 1 working day;
  1. To ensure that requests for overseas visits (personal) is replied within 5 days upon receipt of the duly completed application;
  1. To issue a permanent security pass internally within 1 working day and temporary security pass within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the duly completed application;
  1. To issue a notice of reminder for the return of reading material as follows:

            First: 1 working day after the expiry of the loan period;

            Second: 7 working days after the first notice of reminder; and

            Third: 14 working days after the second notice of reminder

  1. To ensure that the request for items from the Main Store will be processed within 3 working days from the date of application depending on the availability of items.

8. To ensure that corporate communication matters are conducted as follows:

  1. To provide preliminary feedback on complaints received by PMD within 3 working days.

9. To provide quality and professional legal advice to the Government in accordance with the Federal Constitution and the laws of Malaysia within 14 working days from the date of receipt of duly completed documentation contingent upon the complexity of issue. 

10. To ensure compliance of integrity matters as follows:

  1. To track and verify complaints/information received for disciplinary action or perusal of the responsible enforcement agency approximately within 4 weeks; and
  1. Convening of 1 programme at minimum per month for the personnel of the Prime Minister’s Department and the departments/agencies thereunder

11. To ensure compliance of ICT matters as follows:

  1. To resolve complaints related to ICT defects internally within 3 working days, if not involving external suppliers.

12.  To ensure that policy and strategic planning matters are implemented accordingly:

  1. Review the Client Charter approximately once a year to meet PMD’s policies and objectives;
  1. Circulation of Cabinet Papers (MJM) to the relevant department / agency / division within 1 working day for feedbacks; and
  1. Circulation of the decisions of meeting for action within 3 days after the completion of meeting.

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