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Function and Roles
  • Providing support services including administration, finance, human resource management, security, social and other services to staff of the Prime Minister's Department, according to the rules and regulations, and directives that have been set.
  • Management of staff quarters, office spaces and rest and recreational facilities to provide conducive and comfortable environment for the civil servants.
  • Management of all property owned by the Federal Government efficiently and effectively.
  • Improvement of the quality of the Malaysian Civil Service to be more efficient, effective, responsive and with integrity, and cultivating and promoting the usage of information technology in the public service.
  • Providing efficient, quality and effective services to the Cabinet and the Chief Secretary who is also acting as Secretary to the Cabinet, as well as tracking and monitoring of implementation of Government decisions.
  • As a reference centre for all issues pertaining to security and protection encompassing physical security, documents and personnel formulating, issuing and establishing the security policy to be properly implemented.
  • Managing State Protocol and Ceremonies,  Conferment of Federal Awards,  Official Visits by Foreign Heads of State and Dignitaries, International Conferences and Putrajaya International Convention Centre, with the highest standard of excellence. 
  • Establishing the coordination of the National Economic Development policies, strategies and programs for the medium and long terms in a structured, planned, efficient and proper manner, in order to strengthen the country's competitiveness, to promote economic growth, to promote public-private sector cooperation, to intensify the k-economy, and to promote the country’s socio-economic developments.
  • Central agency that monitors implementation of policies, strategies, programs and development projects, as well as resolves related issues efficiently and effectively, to ensure they are implemented in line with the national development goals.
  • Ensuring the formulation and coordination as well as the implementation of policies relating to national security and the direction of the security measures undertaken by well-planned, comprehensive and integrated.
  • Enforcement of law and order under any federal law.
  • Improving the quality of Maritime law enforcement coordination and involvement of National Maritime elements in any maritime duty to ensure Malaysia's sovereignty and the security of protected waters and to safeguard maritime interests from encroachment.
  • Planning, designing, formulating and monitoring the maritime enforcement policies as well as assisting the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) in becoming a competent agency by providing equipments and infrastructure through development and acquisition.

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