The PMD's website provides facilities for people with disabilities  /  Disability Access.

A)  Visually impaired users;

Get the IE Page Reader  here .

1. Before you can use this component, you must download the  MS Speech API . If you use Window2000, most likely your system already has this component.

2. You also need to download at least one  Speech Engine . Speech Engine is the 'voice' of a man or woman, who will speak in English or other languages.

For further instructions on using this component, please click  here .

B)  Color blind users;

For color blind users, there are several color options available in the upper column of each page of the PMD's website. Users can choose colors from the color selection given, namely Normal ,  Red ,  Blue  and  Green . 

The color of the PMD's website page template will change immediately after the selection is made.

C)  Elderly users;

For elderly users, the PMD's website provides different text size options.

The text size options are displayed in the upper column of each page of the PMD's website. Users can choose whether to choose a larger or smaller text size, as appropriate.

What is RSS?

RSS or  RDF Site Summary  is an XML ( Extensible Markup Language ) application according to the W3Schools specification level   . It is a news syndication format and is used as an agent to obtain news or data online from web pages that support this application.

What is RssReader?

RssReader is a program that allows you to receive news or information from web pages that support RSS applications directly to your desktop. To learn more about RssReader, please go to this page

RSS on the PMD's Website

This RSS application facility is specially provided for the use of PMD's website users to get the latest information regarding the latest information released by PMD. Through this application facility, it is hoped that PMD's can channel the latest information from the PMD's website more quickly and effectively.

Through this RSS Feeds also: 
1. You can choose to read the news you want and relevant to the wishes
2. You indirectly get reliable information and prevent from unwanted information ( Spam ) 
3. You can find out the latest information about PMD more quickly and effectively 
4. News or information displayed is the latest without having to browse this site

RssReader installation steps

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Install RssReader.
  • If you download the .zip version unzip the file first and run setup.exe.
  • Keep running if you download the .exe version.

Step 4:

  • Please look at this image   in the PMD's website.

Place the mouse over one of the images then right-click, and select "Copy Shortcut".
Run RssReader and go to  "add (+) " then right click and " paste " the url and press  ok .

For more information, please visit  .

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